Mar 15, 2018

A very informal tea ceremony

So the group of ladies that organize the mother's meetings I have talked about before often have other events throughout the year. Last month, because they were cold and lonely (their words), they decided to have a makeshift tea ceremony. I majored in Japanese studies in university, and well, these ladies were sorta clueless and it was adorable. Then they tried to explain everything to me and I just nodded and played the part of not knowing anything. It was great and actually better than the super formal and very strict lengthy tea ceremonies I have participated in the past. A very informal tea ceremony photoThe ceremony was like a big summary of what tea ceremony should be and we all enjoyed the lovely beautiful treats and teaA very informal tea ceremony photo

A very informal tea ceremony photo

Handmade treat of regular potatoes and sweet potatoes to look like the flower that was in bloom set upon a real leaf from the lady's yard.

These old ladies really know how to just enjoy the small things. A very informal tea ceremony photo



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