Dec 14, 2017

Son's first ride in an ambulance

A few days ago, I rode in an ambulance for the third time in Japan. My blood pressure suddenly dropped and my heart rate spiked while I was out with my son. I wasn't doing anything strenuous, just sitting getting my nails done. Usually, it takes about an hour to do them, so I came prepared with snacks and things so my two and a half year old would be perfectly entertained munching on things. slightly freaked out, I just sat back for a bit and After a few minutes I was feeling ok and discussing if I should go to the hospital. Then it happened again and I got really freaked out and asked to go to the hospital. My son was thrilled. He got to ride in an ambulance with flashing lights and the ladySon's first ride in an ambulance photo paramedic tried to talk with him in English. He had his bag of snacks we had bought at the store that morning and started going through it with her. When he found the big red apple he had picked out early, he did like any little kid would do and start at it. I guess not any little kid. Clearly not Japanese kids because the lady started giggling about it. The other paramedic looked over and was also in shock by my wild child. They commented on his strong teeth and continued to make a fuss about him eating the apple whole. One person brought up that it might just be a Japanese thing to peel the fruit first. And as we arrived at the hospital, after switching me over to hospital staff, the biggest part of the conversation was centered around my son and his strong little teeth again.What a wild child. As the paramedic walked out the door his parting words were explaining how “that’s how Americans eat their apples.”  



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  • genkidesu

    on Dec 14

    Hope you're feeling okay now! I had to laugh at the apple story because I didn't know there was another way, either! My daughter bites into them just the way your son does!

  • edthethe

    on Dec 14

    @genkidesu i've known it from my friend's reactions of myself eating them like that, but the way everyone was making a big deal about it like it was the highlight of their day! Japanese apple's skin is so much crispy softer than the ones I would eat back home, why don't more Japanese eat the skin surprises me.