Jan 29, 2016

How to stay away from cold and flu?

How to stay away from cold and flu? photo
The following 10 tips will help you to stay healthy
1. Wash your hand frequently.
2. Use anti bacterial soap or hand sanitizer whenever came back from outside.
3. Use mask while travelling in train.
4. Try to stay away from a sick person.
5.Keep your surrounding clean
6.Get a flu shot!
7. Eat balanced diet
8. Take vitamin C regularly
9. For Kids, multivitamin and Zinc are good to stay healthy.
10. Change your bed covers and pillow covers regularly. 


  • junko

    on Jan 29

    My foreigners friend even didn't wash their hands they came to Japan. I said wash your hands after come back to home from outside. She said "why?" I was like "why?!"

  • azi

    on Jan 29

    @junko Hah ha..well said. But do you know the most dangerous way to spread diseases is our hand! So we should keep our hand clean all the time.

  • Tomuu

    on Jan 29

    I think for a lot of people where I come from, it's funny to see instructions in Japan about how to wash your hands.