Apr 26, 2016

Do you Remember the Ethics of taking Food with a Japanese friend?

The Japanese people used to maintain their culture very much whenever it comes for the food . They must do the pray "Itadakimasu" before starting the food. Then they hold the bowl of rice in one hand and raised upto the mouth. The chop stick will be used to eat by the other hand. The thing which is important is that the manner of table is totally different from the western table manner . So be careful! The Japanese people used to take soup with a sound..it means you are appreciating the food is tasty. Dont forget to say "Oishii" even the food tastes different and you are not really like. Praise the volume of the food. DO NOT left over any food! Its like a crime! God will dissatisfy with you if you leave some food! And finally say thanks to God for the delicious food He provides for you.