Jun 10, 2016

"Mushi Atsuii" What to do?? Summer!!

Its the starting of Summer. The summer is hot and humid in Japan. So we have to take special care of ourselves. We should not neglect the heat of the summer.  Here are the things what to do during the heat:

1. Take as much water as you can during the day time.

2. Use comfortable cloths. Preferably the cotton one.

3. Try to use cool biz dress for office.

4. Use Cold pack in the shoulder.

5. Eat Ice cream.

6. Enjoy the nature near the sea or the water bodies.

7. Do not eat too much tempura or deep fries.

8. Eat vegetables a lot and spice.

9. Eat green chili to remove the toxicity from your body.

10. Take shower twice a day.