Mar 7, 2016

How to make the "Native Pronunciation" of Nihongo?

How to make the "Native Pronunciation" of Nihongo? photo
Its very difficult to pronounce some of the Hiragana letter for the foreigner.
The following tips will help you how to express the correct pronunciation.

1. Its very important to learn the correct pronunciation of the Hiragana for the the first time.

2. It is always better to learn Hiragana from a native Nihongo teacher.

3. If it is not possible then try to listen the pronunciation again and again from internet.

4. Select  the characters those you can not pronounce correctly and practice loudly time to time.

5. Tsu, Su, N are difficult to pronounce for the most of the foreigners. So learn it perfectly by practicing.

6. Dont be hesitate to practice or get advice from the native Nihongo teacher whenever you will get chance.

7. It is also good way to enjoy Karaoke and see the lyrics in hiragana to learn the native pronunciation.