Feb 3, 2016

How to manage your time efficiently in Japan?

It is very difficult to manage the time effectively in Japan due to the excess amount of responsibilities for an individual. Here are some tips to manage time :
1. Wake up early in the morning.
2. Be ready to go work.
3. Don't be lazy in the morning.
3. Take your breakfast properly.
4. Take shower.
5.It is always better to arrange your dress, bags in advance.
6. Make a list to the work you have to do in that day.
7. Don't waste your time in Internet .
8. Start your office works as soon as possible.
9. Take a refresh break and work hard.
10. At the end of the day , check what you did and did not able to do!
11. Always follow your time while doing anything to compare your achievements. If you can do a thing lesser than previous day then that time is yours. So enjoy that time by yourself only!
12. Don't be stressful about time. Just enjoy it to have some fun!

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  • junko

    on Feb 3

    I really agree... > 7. Don't waste your time in Internet .