Jul 14, 2017

Can you get rid of the scorching heat of summer ?

It is hot and humid summer in Japan now. Be careful of heat stroke everybody. Do you know everyday many people including children and elderly have to take to hospital only for the treatment of the heat stroke?

SO be careful now! Here is some tips how to get rid of the heat stroke:

1. Use light dress and try to use umbrella whenever you will go to the sun.

2. Take a lot of water/liquid everyday.

3.Be careful of heavy food.

4. Try to eat vegetables everyday.

5. Eat fruits every morning.

6. Eat fish rather than red meat.

7. Avoid alcohol and smoking.

8. Use AC or Fan 

9. Do not play outside if it is too hot

10. We need to be calm and cool through our lifestyle such as wearing white dress and slipper, use ice bags etc.Can you get rid of the scorching heat of summer ? photo