Feb 8, 2018

Medical Cost Notification

Medical Notification for 2017 will be sent to those who are in National Health Insurance in March for the medical treatment cost of January to December and to those who are in Kanagawa Prefecture health-care system for people aged seventy-five and over (Koki-Korei sha Iryo Seido) at the end of March for the medical treatment cost of July to December. For the medical treatment cost of January to June had already been sent out at the end of September last year. 

Please note that these notifications can’t be used for final tax return.


For National Health Insurance: Health and Social Welfare Bureau, Health Insurance and Pension Division (045) 671-2424 (Japanese only)

For Koki-Korei sha Iryo Seido: Call Center 0570-001120 (Japanese only)

Medical Cost Notification photo



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