Jan 11, 2018

Announcements from Hodogaya International Lounge

Announcements from Hodogaya International Lounge

■Seminar on Japanese Culture “Tea Ceremony”

Date&Time: Jan.27 (Sat), 14:30-16:00

Fee: Free for non-Japanese citizens, 500 yen for Japanese people (with tea and sweets)

■Seminar on Different Culture “Khabarovsk in Russia” in easy English

Date&Time: Jan.14 (Sat), 10:00-11:30

Fee: 500 yen (with tea and sweets)

■Hello Gathering “Let’s play Karuta, Japanese card-game together”

Eligibility: Everyone is welcome.

Date&Time: Jan.20 (Sat), 15:00-16:30

Fee: Free

■International Mothers’ Gathering “Piccoro”

Date&Time: Jan.16 and 23 (Tue); 10:30-11:30

Fee: Free

Eligibility: Non-Japanese moms *Contact the Lounge and apply ahead of the time if you are Japanese national.

Location for all events:

Hodogaya International Lounge, Iwama Shimin Plaza (2 min walk from Tenno-cho Stn on the Sotetsu Line) MAP

Application and Inquiries:

(045) 337-0012

E-mail: toiawase☆hodogaya-kokusai.com  (change ☆ to @ when you send E-mail)


Announcements from Hodogaya International Lounge  photo



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We at Yoke, in cooperation with local residents, promote the creation of a community in which foreign residents of our community can thrive and contribute.



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