Oct 5, 2018

Seeking Foreign Part-time Instructors for Public Elementary Schools

Foreign instructors (of any nationality) are needed to teach classes in English on their own country and culture at Yokohama public elementary schools. The conditions are as follows: 3-4 hours a day, about 2 days per week.

Eligibility: Those who hold a valid visa with no working hour limit (also including those who are naturalized), have both English and Japanese speaking ability, have a university degree or equivalent and are younger than 65 yrs old as of March 31, 2019. *Chosen by screening. This position is from April, 2019 to March, 2020.

Wage: 3,150 yen/hour (planned/transportation fee included)

To Apply: Send your CV and a copy of your valid visa (on resident card or passport) along with a self-addressed 82 yen stamped return envelope to: 〒231-0017 Naka-ku, Minatocho 1-1, Yokohama-shi Kyoiku Iinkai Kokusai Kyoiku-ka *Entries must be postmarked by Nov. 16.

Inquiries: (045) 671-3585 (Japanese) Fax (045) 664-5499

Seeking Foreign Part-time Instructors for Public Elementary Schools photo



The Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges (YOKE) is a public interest incorporated foundation funded and supported by the City of Yokohama.

We at Yoke, in cooperation with local residents, promote the creation of a community in which foreign residents of our community can thrive and contribute.



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