Feb 8, 2018

Farm Experience for Parents and Children

In this tour, participants will visit a strawberry farm in Kanagawa-ku to pick fresh strawberries, then to a ranch and a homemade ice cream factory in Totsuka-ku. 

Limit: 30 people *Chosen by lottery.

Eligibility: Children of junior high school and younger who live or go to school in Yokohama, and their parents.

Date&Time: March 29 (Thu), 13:00-17:00

Meeting Place: Kusunoki Hiroba at JR Kannai Stn

Fee: For strawberry picking, 1,800 yen for children over elementary school, 1,000 yen for pre-school children over 3 yrs, 500 yen for 2 yr olds, plus 400 yen for strawberry gelato.

To Apply: Between Feb.1 and Feb.15, send SP (E,A,N,T, your postal code, number of people, names and ages of everyone in your group, number of gelato you would like to order) to: 〒231-0017 Naka-ku Minato-cho 1-1 Kankyo Sozo-kyoku Nosei Suishin-ka Yokohama Nogyo Tankentai Tanto or apply through website.

Entries by postcard must be received by Feb.15.

Inquiries: (045) 671-2635 (Japanese only)

URL: (Japanese only)

Farm Experience for Parents and Children photo



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