May 11, 2018

Price Revision at Yokohama Municipal Hospitals

There will be changes in (A) childbirth assistance fee and (B) medical certificate issuance fee for receiving private insurance benefit.

(A) From 120,000 yen/baby to 180,000 yen/baby for childbirth from December 1, 2018

(B) From 5,400 yen/document to 7,560 yen/document from July 1, 2018


(1) Yokohama Shiritsu Shimin Byoin (Yokohama Municipal Citizen’s Hospital) (045) 331-1961 (Japanese)

(2) Yokohama Shiritsu Nosocchu/ Shinkei Sekitsui Center (Stroke, Nerve and Spine Center) (045) 753-2500 (Japanese)

(3) Yokohama Shiritsu Minato Sekijuji Byoin (Yokohama City Minato Red Cross Hospital Kanagawa) (045) 628-6100 (Japanese)

(4) Yokohama Shiritsu Daigaku Fuzoku Byoin (Yokohama City University Hospital) (045) 787-2800 (Japanese)

(5) Yokohama Shiritsu Daigaku Fuzoku Shimin Sogo Iryo Center (Yokohama City University Medical Center) (045) 261-5656 (Japanese)

Price Revision at Yokohama Municipal Hospitals photo



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