Mar 5, 2018

Registration for 'Minpaku' Lodging Begins

Registration for 'Minpaku' Lodging Begins

Based on the new Minapaku Law, from March 15, the city of Yokohama will start accepting applications for minpaku (renting out private lodging to tourists) from those who would like to provide their residences as tourist accommodation. Please note that permission from the fire department is also necessary.

Actual business may start from June 15. For details as to methods of application, please contact Kenko Fukushi-kyoku Seikatsu Eisei-ka (Health and Social Welfare Bureau, General Sanitation Division).


Kenko Fukushi-kyoku Seikatsu Eisei-ka (045) 671-2469 (Japanese only)

Shobo-kyoku Shido-ka (Fire Department) (045) 334-6408 (Japanese only)

Guide to Public Schools in Yokohama in English and other Languages

The Yokohama City Board of Education provides a guide to Japanese public schools for non-Japanese parents and guardians.

These guides, available in different languages, offer information such as the items you need to prepare to take to schools, translations of the documents that are distributed at schools, translations of the terms often used in Japanese schools, and so forth. You can see them online.


Registration for 'Minpaku' Lodging Begins photo



The Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges (YOKE) is a public interest incorporated foundation funded and supported by the City of Yokohama.

We at Yoke, in cooperation with local residents, promote the creation of a community in which foreign residents of our community can thrive and contribute.



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