Mar 28, 2019

Eco coffee fix

Eco coffee fix photo

This week, I ran out of whole bean coffee, what I usually depend on for my morning wake up. I can’t function without caffeine. 

So I compromised on my usual eco regime and got those single serving coffee filters from the convenience store. Just this once, I promise, until the next shopping trip. 

The flavor isn’t bad, but it can’t compare to fresh ground. And then the waste of a single filter.  It’s small, and goes in combustible garbage when I clean up, but it’s still one more bit of stuff I don’t need. 

Eco coffee fix photo

Years ago, a guest gifted me this awesome device he got at Starbucks. Two tablespoons of coffee in the bottom of the filter yeilds two cups of coffee. And the taste is night and day from those single serving filters. 

Has anybody seen a similar gadget in the shops? I’d love to gift them to caffeine heads I know. 



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