Nov 28, 2018

Japan and cheese? Sometimes good!

Japan and cheese? Sometimes good! photo

Good cheese is hard to come by. I shudder when I see bags of shredded cheese, squishy little 100 yen slabs of processed gooey and flavorless stuff. 

Tonight at the local Belx supermarket, to my surprise, I spied wee bits of cheese. The jack cheese was refreshing to see, as most offerings are camabert flavored, sketchy processed cheddar, and mozzarella that really isn’t. 

And next to the jack were various gouda with flavorings. Shoyu soy sauce and miso intrigued me. 

So so this evening, I made my own “otsumami”, a plate of cheeses, cherry tomatoes, and prepared sama, Pacific saury. 

Japan and cheese? Sometimes good! photo

Not bad. The shoyu gouda is pleasantly salty and has that distinctive shoyu flavor. 

The miso gouda has sharp, fermented but complex notes. 

Next time i think I’ll try them with nori seaweed. 



Living between the Tone and Edo Rivers in Higashi Katsushika area of Chiba Prefecture.