Jun 23, 2024

Extra sour sour


Kodawari Sakaba Kami Suppa Remon

Brand: Suntory

Price: 140 yen

Place of purchase: Belx Supermarket


The description

Suntory's ready to drink chuhai brand, Kodawari Sakaba has a new version, Kan Supparemon. The 5% alcohol lemon-flavored shochu has double the amount of citric acid.

The good

Sometimes I don't want a lot of alcohol but would like a fizzy shochu highball in a can with lots of flavor. Suntory's brand Kodawari Sakaba has a new summer version of its cheap and popular chuhai. The Kan Supparemon version has double the amount of the usual helping of citric acid. This gives the drink a very tart flavor. It's only 5% alcohol, a lot less than some other canned chuhai offerings. It's also cheap. I tend to rely on Belx supermarkets, and the price of these chuhais is about 10 to 20 yen cheaper than other brands.

The not so good

This canned chuhai in Suntory's Kodawari Sakaba lineup is pretty good. I have no complaints. It's fairly tart, lower in alcohol than some of the other canned chuhais, and cheaper than other brands. The retro can design is kind of fun, too. And there is some wordplay going on here. The kanji 神 on the label can also be read as kami or kan, the latter a homophone for can. The word suppai, meaning sour, sounds similar to super. The combo of words suggests "can super lemon". The drink is available from June 2024, only for the summer.



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