Aug 23, 2018

Divine protection at the supermarket

Divine protection at the supermarket photo

At the local Belx supermarket, shoppers are watched over by images of serene Buddhas. My favorite is the Kujaku Myoo, the Peacock Wisdom King, or maybe Wisdom Queen, a female Buddha who is the patron of science. And science means chemistry, and chemistry leads to food safety. The Peacock Myoo protects people from poisoning, 

Next to her is a laminated message, with a big official red inkan, from a temple in Kyoto. The message is a blessing on customers, and a talisman to protect their health and everyday life. Wow, priests and supermarket make sure we don't get done in by spoiled food. 

Divine protection at the supermarket photo

And Belx doesn't just depend on Buddhism. There are Shinto images and talismans, too. At the entrance is a huge poster of a shrine gate. Above the cold drinks cabinet, there is a Shinto mirror, reflecting along the kimon, the south-west to north-east direction. 

As long as I respect the expiration dates on my grocery items and don't wait until something goes blue, I should be ok.




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