Apr 8, 2019

Magnificent Magnolias

Here in the Kanto region, the cherry blossoms have already scattered and green leaves are sprouting.

Just before the cherry trees, the magnolia kobus trees bloomed. These trees can get very tall, and have fragrant white flowers. 

Magnificent Magnolias photo

Photo, Wikipedia

The Japanese name for this tree is mokuren, tree lotus. They sure look like lotuses on branches. 

I meant to take photos of the trees in my neighborhood, but I got busy and the petals fell before I got a chance. I thought I was out out of luck, but on Sunday, I spied this magnolia in the garden of our local temple. 

Magnificent Magnolias photo

All the other magnolias finished a week ago, but this one just started. It’s not the same variety, but just as beautiful.



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