Dec 24, 2015

Supermarket Star Wars in Japan

All box office stats aside, we can be sure that the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens (As if I needed to be specific about that!) is a bigun because it was released here in Japan just a few days after it was in other markets.  Us expats know all too well, most Hollywood movies worth getting excited about have release dates over here months later than the rest of the world!  

If such a prompt release wasn’t evidence enough of a presence of ‘the force’ in these parts (How many times has that been misused?!), the fact that Japan is covered head to toe in Star Wars tat (stuff/rubbish) surely quells any uncertainties.

Actually, the word tat is unfair.  I’ve seen some pretty cool stuff; lightsaber chopsticks (although these have been around for years), Nixon/Star Wars bags, watches, and accessories, and I wouldn’t mind hitching a ride on one of those Star Wars-themed ANA passenger jets.  All of this has been well covered by every ‘isn’t Japan weird/mad/cute’ publication from here to … well, I’m not going to go there!

Nope, in the spirit of everyday life in Japan that is this site’s raison d’etre, I want to introduce the Star Wars tat (Should I stop using this word?) that has made it into my local supermarket.  Evidence that you can flog anything if you can just stick an image of Darth Vader on it!

Main Image (all prices include tax)

Star Wars, OLD FASHIONED DONUTS, black cocoa (ブラックココア) flavor - 203 yen

Star Wars, CURRY BALL - 116 yen.  The packaging describes them as サクサクとしたカレー味のお菓子で. / A crunchy, curry-flavored snack!

Star Wars BLACK CHOCOLATE MELON PAN / ブラックショコラメロンパン, with chocolate cream and chocolate chips.  I’m not sure how this affects the ‘melon’ in the name. - 138 yen

Image above

スターウォーズダースベイダーBOX / Star Wars Darth Vader Box - What?! A box in the shape of Darth Vader?! Sold!!!  Actually, I think there are chocolates in it as well. One would hope so for 972 yen!

スターウォーズアート缶 / Star Wars Art Can - This time it's a can, and we all know that's much better than a box!  1,080 yen.

Image above

Japanese fizzy-pop mainstay Kirin Mets getting in on the act, too.

KIRIN Mets RED FORCE: From the label, “Recharge with the perfect blend of strong soda and a touch of sweetness. [Cayenne Flavor] invigorates with its bracing taste.” - Price unknown (well, there was no label, and I was too embarrassed to ask).

KIRIN Mets BLUE FORCE: Same label as above, just replace [Cayenne Flavor], with [Aoba Flavor]. Why the need for square brackets?!  Again, price unknown.

This is what I can find in my local supermarket, Star Wars wise.  I’d be curious to know if anyone out there has spotted something different.

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