Dec 30, 2018

Sustainable stocking filler: Zojirushi flask

Sustainable stocking filler: Zojirushi flask photo

At work I've been guilty of creating waste (and wasting money) on coffees in a variety of forms -- The 200 yen coffee served in a paper cup from cafeteria staff wheeling a trolly around the office.  The 302 yen small blend from Starbucks or the 320 yen small coffee-of-the-day from Tully's.  And then there are the 130 yen canned (in bottle shape) servings of (largely) high-octane crap from the vending machine by the gent's toilets.  

If I could do the maths, I'd probably be disturbed by the amount of loose change I've thrown on coffee while at work over the last couple of years or so.  And then there is the amount of garbage I've generated as a result.  Far from my finest hour.

For Christmas then I was pleased as punch to receive this "stainless mug" from Zojirushi.

Sustainable stocking filler: Zojirushi flask photo

In more familiar parlance we would probably say thermos flask, but then that might be to stand on the toes of another brand. 

Anyway, my new stainless mug keeps the coffee piping hot, probably throughout the day.  I can't be exact because in order to start drinking it fairly early doors after arriving at work I need to get the lid off so as it doesn't burn the inside of my mouth such is this flask's ability to insulate.  Referring to the Zojirushi homepage though, the spec of my flask (model: SM-LB36) reveals that it can maintain hot and cold temps for six hours.

Initially I was a little perturbed by the size -- 360 ml -- feeling it to be too small.  It's working out nicely though and is a good size to be carrying on a crowded Tozai Line commute. 

"Elegance" and "functionality" seem to be keywords on the Zojirushi homepage when describing their stainless mug.  I'd largely agree.  I like the matte black finish and sleek design which feels at home sat on the desk at work.  While there is no detachable mug on this model the lip of the flask is coated in a soft rubber / plastic that is comfortable to the touch meaning lips at least will be safe at any temperatures.  Lid and parts can be disassembled to make for easier cleaning.

Bad form for a Christmas present I know, but in writing this post I couldn't help but look at the price -- 5,000 yen (exc. tax).

Not that I spent the money on it, but hopefully this flask will prove to be a money saver (5,000 yen is about 16 small coffee-of-the-days from Tully's) as well as something that can get me more in line with a sustainable life here in Japan.

Sustainable stocking filler: Zojirushi flask photo

Sustainable stocking filler: Zojirushi flask photo



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