Feb 23, 2015

Tokyo's Best Chahan?

Tokyo's Best Chahan? photo
If you're reading this, rumor has it that you're looking at the best chahan in Tokyo.  It's a bold claim, but if anyone knows about food that you can wolf down in about ten minutes before getting back to the office, it would be the salary men and women that work in Shimbashi, aka Salary-person Town.  Except, eating chahan at チャーハン王/chahan ou (Chahan King) isn't that quick of an experience, for if you leave it until just a few minutes after the 11:00 am opening time, you'll already have to wait in a rather long queue, such is the restaurant's popularity.  The tiny operation only serves one main dish; chahan (with soup) for 980 yen, and has a daily limit of 150 dishes.  After the 150th dish, I guess they just ... close!  チャーハン王 is on the basement 1 floor of the Shin Shimbashi Building.  


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