Apr 27, 2018

Pokemon 20th anniversary

After finishing work I went to Sunshine City, a shopping mall, in Ikebukuro. One of tge stores is the Pokemon center on the second floor. They released new items celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pokemon so I was wondering around looking for something I like.

Inside the store there were some store staff walking around showing two different Pokemon promo cards. I was wondering how to get these promo cards and found out that when greeting them with the word "Pokkenchiwa" you will be able to receive the Shaymin Pokemon promo card as a present! To receive the other promo card you would need to purchase 5 booster packs of Pokemon card game. If you love Pokemon cards I recommend going there and greeting the staff with Pokkenchiwa! (I am not sure how long this promotion will last so you might want to go there soon).


Pokemon 20th anniversary  photo



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