Feb 13, 2019

手作りチョコ: Giving homemade chocolate

                                              手作りチョコ: Giving homemade chocolate photo

Last year in September I started taking cooking lessons at one of ABC's cooking studios and enjoyed taking lessons there. They have a system that let's you take a free lesson if you introduce a friend to their studios (you will be taking the lesson together with your friend). This month they are having a Valentine's Day special which is only available until February. Since it looked a fun activity to do with a friend I invited one of mine to make the chocolate together.

                手作りチョコ: Giving homemade chocolate photo       手作りチョコ: Giving homemade chocolate photo

Making the chocolate was not as complicated as the photo suggests. After making the dough and putting it into a form, you bake it. The baked dough is cut into three parts which are put on top of each other with a layer of jam in between. So this recipe is quite easy to redo after the trial lesson and I would definitely do that, if I had an oven in my apartment. 

I kept one chocolate for myself to see if it really does taste good (spoiler: it does) and gave the other three ones to my friends as "tomo choco" (chocolate given to friends) and "honmei choco" (chocolate given to the person you have feelings for). I got a lot of complements from my friends whom I gave them to who sent photos of it saying it looked like store-bought chocolate.

So, if you always thought of wanting to learn or improve your cooking skills I recommend taking a trial lesson.

ABC has special offers only available during the trial lesson so you might want to have a look at their website before taking the lesson if you are thinking of joining them afterwards. One thing to take into consideration before taking the trial lesson is that they are offering these free lessons with the aim of introducing you to the studios so half of the time of the the free lesson will be used to explain all the different courses you are able to take there. 

*Note: the trial lesson is only free if you are introduced through a student of their studios, otherwise you pay 500 yen to take the trial lesson.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section.



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