Sep 25, 2018

Halloween at Mister Donuts

While waiting at Kyoto for my night bus back to Tokyo I found some seats at Mister Donuts Halloween at Mister Donuts photoclose to the JR  entrance. While charging my phone I was looking around and saw that Mister Donuts started selling donuts with Halloween designs. They had pumpkin faces (white chocolate or strawberry), long sticks disguised as mummies and some ghost faces. As seen in the photo I've tried the pumpkin face and enjoyed eating it. These are a bit cheaper than the ones sold at Krispy Kreme but I do plan to try one of theirs too. I believe they will be available until Halloween and them disappear until the next Halloween season comes closer. 

Have you tried any Halloween donuts yet?



A graduate student traveling around Japan

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  • ReishiiTravels

    on Oct 3

    I haven't gotten to try them yet, but that pumpkin donut is just so adorable!! XD