Jun 22, 2019

The Drive Through Chemist

The Drive Through Chemist photo

After leaving a hospital today, after treatment for an allergic reaction, I was eyeing up the nearby pharmacies to see which was the closest and most convenient for me to pick up my allergy medication. My jaw dropped when I spotted a Drive Through Chemist. A first for me. My interest was instantly piqued. I immediately settled on that as my preferred choice of pharmacy for today's errand. 

Even though I could walk to the pharmacy from my position, I decided I had to drive through it. Why walk to a chemist when you can drive through it!? I wanted that unique experience for the kicks and of course in the back of my head I was thinking I could write about the experience. 

After the initial elation of discovering such a rarity, my next thought was how utterly unnecessary and indolent a service it is. But I quickly checked myself and thought about how I would have loved this convenience when my kids were small. How much easier it would have been to drive through a chemist rather than drive to it when the kids were sick. 

Benefits of a drive through chemist

  • Curtailing spread of contagious diseases
  • Easier with young children, especially if they are sleeping in the car
  • Less hassle for wheelchair users or people with lower mobility 
  • Convenience
  • Privacy
How does it work?

Its very simple really. You pull into one window and order your medicine, then you drive onto another area where it is delivered to you.  At the first window they take your payment and insurance card too. Then you drive on to a designated car parking space and a member of staff will bring you your medicine when it is ready and return your insurance card. 

However, for a first visit it isn't all that convenient as you first have to fill out patient forms. There is a pull in area where you can park your car to fill out the forms and then drop them back to the order window. It is well worth the effort on that first visit, for the long term benefits of being on file at such a handy dispensary. 

Have you ever seen a drive through chemist in Japan before? Have you ever been to one? Was your experience similar? I personally think that it is a great idea with exceptional benefits. No more waiting in crowded germ filled pharmacies for us!



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