Dec 15, 2015

Strawberry Picking | Chiba

Strawberry Picking | Chiba photo
Strawberry picking season starts as early as mid-December in parts of Kanto.  By the end of January, almost all strawberry picking greenhouses are open for business. The system of strawberry farms in Kanto is usually a fixed price for a half of hour of picking and all-you-can-eat.  Some farms do not have a time restriction, but generally those farms are more expensive. The prices per farm differ greatly, some start as cheap as 500 yen for children, but adult costs are usually around 1,500 yen.  As the weather warms, it is not unusual for the farms to reflect this in their charges and lower the price in April or May.  Most farms do not charge for children two years old and under. Parking is typically free. You can bring home strawberries you've picked, if you are willing to pay an extra charge determined by weight.

If you are looking for a place you can enjoy strawberry picking, look no further! This month I will be featuring places you can strawberry pick in Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa, Tochigi, Ibaraki, and Gunma and some information for Tokyo too. Today, we look at CHIBA. Where information is known about the farming practises it will be written in bold, for example "EM NATURAL FARMING". I have also added some tidbits of information where possible. Each farm listed is linked to a website with further information. However, the information on the websites is only available in Japanese unless otherwise stated. I have not quoted prices below, as they can often change. Please see the individual farm website for price information. Roman numerals are used so even if you do not read Japanese you can see the prices.

If you would like more information in English on a particular farm, please ask in the comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, please feel free to add your own recommendations in the comment area. Don't forget to check back for other prefectures throughout the month of December.

Strawberry Picking in Chiba

Kimitsu Area

☆Roman no Mori Kyowa Koku Strawberry Farm (ロマンの森共和国いちご狩り農園)

URL: Roman no Mori kyouwakoku Strawberry Farm

TEL: 0439-38-2211

SEASON: January 1st to the end of May

Barrier free greenhouse, accessible to buggies, strollers and wheelchairs. Toilets available. Prices quoted on their website include admission to the amusement park "Asobiland" except during Golden Week. You normally don't need to book, but for the first week of January they recommend you ring ahead.

Inzai Area

☆Wada Farm (和田農園)

URL: http://wadanouen.com/index.html

TEL: 0476-98-1769

SEASON:  January to April

EM NATURAL FARMING. This farm also offers other types of fruit and vegetable picking, such as melon, watermelon, grapes, rice and a variation of vegetables.

Chosei Gun Area

☆Kondou Strawberry Farm (近藤いちご園)

URL: http://www.kondo-ichigo.com/

TEL: 0475-40-6115

SEASON: Mid December to 1st week in April

There is parking, toilets and a drink vending machine. In the past they have had a 100 yen discount coupon on their website. Currently, it is not there, but keep an eye out as they may add it.

Futtsu Area

☆Futtsu Aqua Farm (富津アクアファーム)

URL: http://park19.wakwak.com/~aquafarm/

TEL: 0439-66-1540

SEASON: 18th January to end of May

WATER PURIFICATION. The strawberries are raised off the ground to reduce mold which also makes them easy to pick. They have a little playground and facilities for babies too.

Sodegaura Area

☆Sodegaurashi Tourist Association (袖ヶ浦市観光協会)

URL: http://sodegaura-kanko.org

TEL: 0438-75-8888

SEASON: Late January to late May

Includes information for three different strawberry farms in the area

 Tateyama Area

☆Tateyama Strawberry Picking Centre (館山いちご狩りセンター)

URL: http://www.f5.dion.ne.jp/~t-ichigo/Index_PC.htm

TEL: 0470-22-3466  

SEASON: January to March

NATURAL FARMING. Barrier free greenhouses, accessible to buggies, strollers and wheelchairs.

Sanmu Area

☆Aiba Strawberry Farm (相葉苺園)

URL: http://www.d3.dion.ne.jp/~aiba/

TEL: 090-8046-0015

SEASON: December to May

They have a number of different variety of strawberries.

Tonoshou Area

☆Isoyama Tourism Strawberry Farm (磯山観光いちご園)

URL: http://isoyama1583.com/

TEL: 0478-86-4312

SEASON: January to mid May

Barrier free greenhouses. They have a 100 yen discount coupon on their website: http://isoyama1583.com/coupon.html

Narita Area

☆Narita Yume Farm (成田ゆめ牧場)

URL: http://www.yumebokujo.com/

TEL: 0476-96-1001 

The linked website is the general page with information for all the attractions for the farm. The strawberry picking information for 2016 hasn't been added yet, but the season is expcted to open at the end of December.

PLEASE DO COMMENT IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS and don't forget to check back for more information on other prefectures, in the coming weeks.



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    @Tomuu My recommendation; go on an empty stomach ;-)