Jun 9, 2019

Muffins in a can

So, canned bread is a thing? I had no idea. Until I randomly came across these muffins in a can in a discount bin in a local supermarket. However, on further research it would seem they were in the discount pile because the company no longer exists in Japan.

Muffins in a can photo

Tokusui was a company that produced a variety of canned bread. They promoted their products as emergency food supplies for disaster readiness kits. It seems like a really good idea, but it would also seem like the masses didn't think so. 

I picked up the muffins out of curiosity. There are two in a can and they have a three year shelf life so they are really suited to the emergency preparedness kit, but they didn't last three days in my house! The flavour is orange peel, which I often find too tangy, but these weren't that bad. 

Muffins in a can photo

The reason they are suited to an emergency kit, apart from their long shelf life, is that they can be opened without a scissors. You turn the tin upside down and peel back the lid. Then turn it back upright for the two muffins to pop out the right way. 

The company seems to have stopped producing in Japan, but you can still buy some of their canned emergency food (mainly bread or bread products) online. 



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