Nov 23, 2018

Old style Japanese street peddler

Have you ever seen a street peddler in Japan? I saw my first this week. The first that registered with me anyway. I am like a broken record the amount I say this, but... I love the way in Japan there is always something new to discover. After 18 years here it's no longer daily, but at least weekly I find, see or discover something new in this ever entertaining country.

Old style Japanese street peddler photo

I saw this street peddler, complete with traditional kimono, in the main tourist area of Kawagoe. Thing is, I visit the store / warehouse area of Kawagoe often, as I live near it. And I have never seen her or any street peddler here before. The questions abound: do you need a permit to sell on the street like this? If I was to transform the kids buggy into a portable vending buggy could I just walk along the street and sell to passerbys? Is she a travelling saleswoman going from town to town? Or is she based in kawagoe and will I be able to find her again? And what is she selling!? It seems to be some sort of sweets, but I would have loved to have gotten up close for inspection.

Unfortunately, she was on the opposite side of the busy thoroughfare when I saw her. By the time we crossed the road she had vanished. We walked the area for a couple of hours and never bumped into her again. I suppose it will give me a new quest everytime I go to Kawagoe; to see if I can find and buy from this idiosyncratic Japanese street peddler!



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