Nov 23, 2018

Christmas Donuts at Misdo 2018

The christmas donuts at Mr Donuts, known affectionately as Misdo in Japan, are quite the disappointment this year. In previous years the christmas offerings have been much more festive and elaborate. This year, they've gone plain Jane. However, the current limited edition Pokemon donuts are actually part of their Christmas selection and have stolen from the design and appeal of the regular Christmas fare.

Christmas Donuts at Misdo 2018 photoMaybe there are more typical Christmas donuts on the way (?), but at the moment, apart from the elaborate Pokemon designs, there are two main types in different flavours. One is cute shaped like what I believe is supposed to be a snowman's face, the other is more traditional (and boring). Both taste ...meh. We tried the snowman's face in strawberry flavour and it tastes very similar to the existing strawberry ring.

Christmas Donuts at Misdo 2018 photo

The other pon de ring style I tried in chocolate flavour and it is unequivocally boring. It too tastes very similar to one of Misdo's regular pon de ring donuts. I have no doubt the Pokemon donuts are worth the hype, if you can get your hands on one, but they are not what you expect or want from a "Christmas" donut unfortunately.



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