Mar 7, 2016

Ageo on a fine day with kids

Ageo on a fine day with kids photo

As introduced yesterday, Ageo is a city in Saitama, North West of Tokyo. For families living in Saitama, Ageo is a great location for a day out with all it has to offer children. Apart from being the home to one of Saitama’s biggest free children community centres, it has lots to offer both outdoors and in, to keep the little ones entertained. This article introduces some of the outdoor attractions in Ageo for families. You can view indoor locations here: https://www.city-cost.com/blogs/Saitama/z48xz-living_shopping_saitama_ageo-shi

MARUYAMA PARK (Pictured above)
Generally recognised as one of the best free parks for families in the Kanto area, Maruyama park has lots to do and see for a full day of fun.  Attractions include 3 play areas, a free small zoo, a nature hall, water play areas, cherry blossom viewing, firefly dome and BBQ area.    
More information in English: http://insaitama.com/maruyama-park-ageo-city/

Ageo on a fine day with kids photo
ENOMOTO FARM (Pictured above)
Renowned for its gelato, this farm in rural Ageo has a unique feature for children; a selection of bikes, trikes and push along cars that kids can use for free.  More information in English:

Home to a baseball stadium and other sporting facilities, Kamihira also boasts 2 play areas. The larger play area has a selection of equipment with a fantastic sandpit. In the summer, they have a wading stream. More information in English: http://insaitama.com/kamihira-park-ageo-saitama/

The prefectural aquatic park is located in Ageo. It opens seasonally from early July to late August.
 There are different pools of different depth, some have slides. More information in English: http://insaitama.com/ageo-city-outdoors/

Ario mall that featured in yesterday's "Ageo on a rainy day" post has a nice outdoor playground for toddlers and preschoolers. It has lots of slides and some climbing. The kids favourite is the chalk drawing path. More information in English: http://insaitama.com/ario-in-ageo-is-now-open-and-very-toddler-friendly/


Ageo on a fine day with kids photo
As the name suggests, this park offers lots of exercise and sporting facilities. There is also a free playground on the premises with some unique play equipment. You can pay to use battery cars as well. For more information in English:


One of the smaller parks in the area, but it has 2 playgrounds and a splash pool for a few hours fun for small children. More information in google translated English: http://www.city.ageo.lg.jp.e.rf.hp.transer.com/page/036113120304.html

There other parks and outdoor attractions in Ageo.
  You can find some more information in English on the city’s official website: http://www.city.ageo.lg.jp/index.html



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