Feb 28, 2019

Time to think about Easter 2019

Time to think about Easter 2019 photoI spotted a couple of Easter eggs in the store a couple of weeks ago. I presumed it was just that one shop that was ridiculously early. Easter isn't until April 21st this year. However, today in my local Welcia I saw them setting up the Easter stall.

The thing you have to be careful about in Japan, for all adopted Western celebrations, is that they start selling retail products early. Halloween goods are available from as early as the end of August, Christmas goods can be seen from the end of September etc. And even though it is about the commercial value here - and they really milk it - what I can never understand is that as it gets really close to the date of the celebration they stop selling (or sell out of?) produce for that celebration. This is particularly true for Christmas cakes and Easter eggs.

What I saw in the store today is not Easter goods, but regular produce in Easter wrapping. They do this for Halloween and Christmas too. You can even find household cleaning products with seasonal packaging. I haven't seen any Easter packaging on household products yet, but on sweets and snacks for kids, such as the Koala March pictured.

I am not surprised they are early, but isn't it unusual for them to set up the Easter stuff before White Day is finished? I thought they usually wait until White day is over. I posted my find on social media and quite a few people have commented to say they have seen Easter stuff in their local shops. So it would seem it is time to think about Easter 2019 already.



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