Nov 22, 2018

The early bird gets the... Pokemon donuts!

The early bird gets the... Pokemon donuts! photoThe Pokemon donuts came out six days ago. In my innocence I thought that the buzz would have eased and I would easily be able to pick up a few of the current limited edition donuts today. I was sadly wrong.

The pokemon donuts are a collaboration between Nintendo and Mr Donuts in celebration of the release of some Nintendo switch games on November 16th. The campaign is called "Let's meet Pokemon at Mister Donut". The donuts became available (I use that term loosely!) on the same date as the release of the Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Evee games. 

The donuts are a Pikachu and a Poke Ball. The Pikachu is made out of banana flavoured chocolate. The Poke ball is white chocolate and strawberry glaze. Or so I believe as I've yet to see or taste one! All I got for my tardiness was a Pokemon Mr Donuts bag!

According to the clerk at the Fujimi Lalaport Mr Donuts branch the donuts sell out early morning.  So if you want to pick up one of the coveted rarities you will want to get up and in line early at a participating Mr Donuts. The campaign runs until December 25th. Good luck!



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