Jul 24, 2018

7-11's Okinawan Treat Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote a post about an Okinawan Treat I found at my local 7-11! I also mentioned at the end that there was a bread I wanted to try! Well, I just couldn't help myself. I had that bread for breakfast this morning! Haha! 

7-11's Okinawan Treat Part 2 photo

I bought it before I got on the bus this morning! It is a brown sugar walnut steamed bread!! I was literally so excited to try this!! When I opened the package, I could smell the brown sugar! 

7-11's Okinawan Treat Part 2 photo

There was a good amount of walnuts! Sometimes with nut products they don't put that many in, but I was pleasantly surprised! The bread was wrapped in a liner because it was steamed. 

The bread was super soft and mochi mochi! The texture is similar to the bread in pork buns! I really like that kind of soft, slightly sticky texture. 

When I took a bite, the flavor called back my memories of Christmas. It almost tasted similar to a gingerbread cookie, probably because of heavy amount of brown sugar. I was a huge fan of that flavor with the mochi mochi texture because it combined a flavor and a texture that I love!! I actually hate crunchy cookies, so the bread would be a great replacement for me at Christmas. Haha

The bread felt really light in my stomach. (Some of the other Japanese breads are a bit to heavy on my stomach for breakfast.) It didn't fill me too much, but it was a perfect portion for breakfast. 

Overall, I liked it way better than the Okinawan cookie rare cheese that I ate yesterday. I liked that one too, but I love the bread! I highly highly recommend you try it!! I hope they come out with some more flavors for me to try!! 

What Okinawan treats have you tried? How was it?



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  • TammyMarieG

    on Jul 25

    This looks delicious, you explained it so well I could taste it!