Jul 31, 2018

My Last Day at My First Teaching Job

Eight months ago I started my first English teaching job in Japan. I was a part-time teacher at an eikaiwa. Never in a million years did I imagine I would cry on my last day, yet here we are...

My Last Day at My First Teaching Job photo

This job as given me an experience that was very different from what I expected. I expected to teach people English and I did, but I never thought I would bond so closely with so many of students. I thought I would be just a teacher, but I became a friend, a supporter, and a cheerleader for all of my students. My students told me about their friends, families, and even crushes. 

My Last Day at My First Teaching Job photo

My students have all touched me very closely and they say I have inspired them, but they have inspired me. Watching them all work hard on their English has inspired me to work harder on my Japanese at the same time. 

My Last Day at My First Teaching Job photo

I got to witness a struggling high school student find her way. When I first started teaching her she showed little interest in English, but now she has decided to attend university and major in English. I watched a young middle school boy struggle to believe in himself. He still has a journey ahead, but he has made so much progress. He used to mumble mean things to himself and fight me when I would tell him to shout, "I can do it!", and "I'm smart!", but now he shows a shy smile with courage. (Yes, I really made him shout that, every class.)

I thought I knew what teaching English would be like, but I didn't have a clue. I never knew I would love it so much! I can't wait until I get to teach again after I graduate university in a few months! I am sure I will meet many great students, but my first students will always be special to me. 

Thank you to all of my students.

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