Apr 14, 2019

More 7-11 Bread?!

On a rainy day in the afternoon, I went into the 7-11, unguarded, to pay my gas bill. That's when it happened... I saw the new item sticker on a bread package and before I knew it I was at the counter. The worst part is, I forgot to pay my bill because the chocolatey delicious bread had distracted me.

More 7-11 Bread?! photo

At this point, 7-11 could release any kind of bread and it is basically guaranteed that I will try it! 

Anyways, the new bread that 7-11 has released is simply chocolate bread. The bread itself has a slight cocoa taste, but is not super sweet, but it is filled with soft chocolate chunks. And the combination is absolutely perfect. 7-11 has blown me away yet again! 

Seriously, have you tried this yet?



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