Jul 12, 2018

Fruit in Japan

Japan is famous for having ridiculously expensive fruit. I am sure most of you have heard of the really fancy and expensive watermelons, etc. or maybe have even seen them in the supermarket. This worried me before I moved to Japan because the fruit prices in the US is not too expensive. Plus, I like to eat fruit everyday because I like the taste and I want to get the vitamins from the fruit.

In Japan however, the cost is not as bad as I had imagined. This is of course if I avoid the fruit that is meant as a gift and if I buy fruit in season. Note that bananas always seem to be cheap! Fruit in Japan photoWhile the price still reaches above what I would normally pay back in America I am okay with it. The reason being that the fruit I buy is always ripe and delicious. I have personally never bought a bad fruit in Japan. On the other hand, in America I often get stuck with fruit that is not yet ripe, picked too soon, or for whatever reason just does not taste that great. 

So yes, I pay a little more, but my taste buds are always happy. 

One thing to keep in mind with Japan's fruit prices is that most people don't eat fruit everyday. I find it more common in America for people to eat fruit frequently, but in Japan it seems like it is treaty more as a treat. For me, I see it as a necessity to stay healthy since in America we are taught in school, (although many people do not actually follow it) to eat fruit everyday. Japanese people just have a different view on fruit and I think that is the difference. 

What is you experience with fruit in Japan? How do you feel about the price?



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