Jun 26, 2018

Losing Weight in Japan? Not Me!

I often here or read about foreigners losing weight in Japan. Especially the people from my country, America. America is of course known for the loads of unhealthy food and portions. Then there is Japan, known for pretty healthy food; grilled fish, rice, small portions, and lots of veggies. Not to mention lots of walking.

Then there is me... Every time I have come to Japan I gain weight, and every time I return home I lose it! Haha!

Losing Weight in Japan? Not Me! photo

I guess I just am tired of American food so I can eat small portions and convince myself to eat the salads. But once I get to Japan, I go crazy. I go not only for the wish, but the delicate Japanese sweets; traditional sweets, cakes, tarts, and much more! I guess this explains why I experience weight gain, when every one else brags of weight loss. But I mean, could you resist this??

Losing Weight in Japan? Not Me! photo

Oh, well!

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