Jul 26, 2018

Wide Pants!?

In Japan, when something in trending, you know. It will appear in almost every store, and you will see it on tons of people. Trends are huge! One of the current trends is wide pants.

What are wide pants you say? Good question. When I first saw them I was shocked, they are very different from Western fashion. Now, I am totally in love with them. They are pants so baggy (hence the name wide pants), you can hardly see your figure. AKA: much more forgiving than the trendy skinny jeans in the West. 

Wide Pants!? photo

Me trying to be cool...

My favorite part about wide pants is that they fit almost every fashion style: cooler style, as photographed above, girly style, and a girl next door style. 

Wide Pants!? photo


Wide Pants!? photo

Girl next door vibes

Plus, they are not only popular for women, but men as well.

Wide Pants!? photo

My boyfriend. He hates his face in more model pose pics. Haha

They can be worn is so many ways, plus they are just so darn comfy. I love that comfy can be stylish here. 

If you are looking to get some wide pants, you can find them in almost every store. Go to one of the malls and have a look around. There are many styles, fabrics, and colors. They are not bad price wise either, mine all ranged from 2500 yen to 4000 yen. I bought mine at Earth, Music, and Ecology, and Lowry Farm. My boyfriend caught his on sale for 1800 yen at Lowry Farm. (Gotta say I was a bit jealous. Haha.) They are on sale in every season, but they have different fabrics for different seasons; lighter fabrics in the summer, thicker in the winter, and so on. 

Let me know if you have bought wide pants or how you feel about the fashion trend.

Happy Shopping!! 

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  • edthethe

    on Jul 28

    These have actually stayed around a few seasons which is surprising in Japan. The trend started from high fashion and trickled down then never left. It is easy to see why it has stayed. They are comfortable. It isn't as wide as when they were popular in the 90's but I hope it never leaves.

  • ReishiiTravels

    on Jul 28

    @edthethe Me too! I love them so much!