Jul 24, 2018

Japanese Toast!

Japanese breakfast is very different from the breakfast that I eat back home, even the "western style breakfast" is different. Even so, that is not necessarily a bad thing. As a matter of fact, I happen to love Japanese toast. First off, the bread is thicker, and therefore remains a little soft when you toast it! I love softer food compared to crispy food, so it works well for me!!

Second off, there are so many topping for toast here. There is more topping for toast than there are cereal options!! They have all kinds of jam, chocolate, kinako, red bean, matcha cream, peanut cream, and a cinnamon butter, just to name a few! Many of which are very delicious!!

My favorites are:

Red bean paste

Japanese Toast! photo

I love red bean paste on just about anything. I eat it like peanut butter now, aka right off the spoon! For toast it tastes good with butter. My recommendation for red bean paste toast it to buy the red bean paste out of the can rather than from the toast toppings section. The toast topping red bean is more like a jelly/jello consistency, which I personally don't enjoy. 

and Chocolate!

Japanese Toast! photo

Photo Credit: KiraraPost

A few years ago if you told me people put chocolate on toast, I would have looked at you like you are crazy. That is until I ate it! I still remember the first time I tried it. My host mom was preparing breakfast and she asked what I wanted on my toast, chocolate or cheese. I was shocked that she said chocolate, but hey, being a chocolate fan I had to try it! It is so yummy!! Just like the red bean paste toast, it tastes good with just a touch of butter on it!!

Special Mentions:

I do really love Japanese strawberry jelly as well, but I didn't feel that it was special enough to include it as a favorite!

Japanese Toast! photo

Also, maple syrup on toast is my boyfriends favorite. I have not tried it at home, but I did try it with my morning service toast at a restaurant! It was pretty good!

What is your favorite type of toast??



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