Jul 13, 2018

Getting a Part-Time Job Visa For Students

Studying abroad in Japan is a lot of fun, but it is also very expensive if you want to travel a lot like I do! That's what drove me to get a part-time job. My part-time job happens to be teaching English.

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So how do you get a part-time job visa? (For foreigners currently holding a student visa.)

The application process is not too difficult, but it is hard to understand because there is not too much information at universities about it, (or at least mine) because they discourage students from doing it. When I asked my university they just told me they couldn't help, so don't let your university discourage you. 

The best route is to find the job, and then apply because the application requires information about the job.

You only need four things:

1. The Application to Engage in Activities Other Than Previously Granted

This application is only one page, and very easy to fill out. It does require you to put your workplace, salary, and how often you will work. This is because students are only allowed to work for 28 hours per week. 

2. Passport

You need your passport, so don't forget to bring it with you!!

3. Residence/Alien Registration Card

Once you complete your application, if you are approved they will put a stamp on your residence card. 

4. Student ID Card

Again you can't complete the application without it, so don't forget it!

Once you have all of these things prepared you take them to your local immigration bureau. Try getting there early so you don't have to sit and wait through the crowd. When I applied, I waited about an hour, then they took my paperwork. After about ten minutes they called me back up, gave everything back, and stamped my residence card. They also made sure again that I would not work over 28 hours a week. It is as simple as that. I have heard that they ask some people more questions about their job, but mine was pretty self explanatory because I am an English teacher. 

Getting a Part-Time Job Visa For Students photo

The back of my residence card.

Once you have secured your part-time work visa your workplace will ask to make a copy of your residence card. 

Important note:

With this visa you are not allowed to work in the adult entertainment industry or in casinos. Regardless of the job. 

Good luck and happy job hunting!!



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  • fbrtd

    on Aug 15

    Hello Reishii, Thank you for this post, it is very useful for students like me :-) I found the link to the form you are talking about to be able to work as a part time ; https://selectra.jp/sites/selectra.jp/files/2019-08/Application%20to%20Engage%20in%20Activities%20others%20than%20Permitted%20under%20the%20Status%20of%20Residence%20Previously%20Granted_0.pdf

  • ReishiiTravels

    on Aug 15

    @fbrtd I am glad that it helped you!! :)