Jul 17, 2018

Why I Love Japanese Heels!

Heels are surprisingly popular in Japan. I see them in almost every store when I go shopping and on many women in the city! I love high heels and Japanese style, which means I of course had to buy some! I actually love Japanese heels more than American heels for three main reasons! 

One reason is because of the platform!

Most Japanese heels have a platform so that the heel is not as steep. This means they are so much more comfortable to walk in! I walk so much in Japan that the comfort is so very important! American heels on the other hand typically don't have a platform and the heel is very steep. These kinds of shoes are much harder on my feet. I can't walk a full day in American heels without getting blisters, trust me, I tried... I have no problem walking in Japanese heels around the city.

Why I Love Japanese Heels! photo

These are my favorite pair of heels right now!

My second reason is because of the easy clasps!

In Japan, many public places require you to take your shoes off, which makes regular shoes a huge hassle. When I have to take off my regular American shoes, I always feel like I take forever, but the Japanese shoes have any easy clasp that makes it much much faster!

Why I Love Japanese Heels! photo

Why I Love Japanese Heels! photo

Then of course, my last reason is the styles!! I love Japanese fashion so it makes sense I love their shoes too! There are so many options for different styles! Plus, the shoes normally are quite durable as well! I love the shoes here so much that I am beginning to have a collection... Haha...

If you have not tried Japanese heels I highly recommend that you do! The sizes are sometimes tricky. Especially for me, I wear a LL, but there are still so many choices!

Do you own Japanese shoes? How do you feel about them?

Happy Shopping!!



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