Jul 6, 2018

My Neighborhood Cat Shrine

About seven months ago I moved to my current neighborhood. I can remember it like it was yesterday... I was not too happy, I was far from my friends, far from my school, and closer to the city than I prefer. Even so, I have found many charming things about my neighborhood that I love. One of those things being the local "cat shrine".

This shrine is not actually for cats, but I call it a cat shrine because all of the neighborhood strays stay there. They drink from the water that is used to wash your hands, and sleep peacefully on the shrine grounds. 

My Neighborhood Cat Shrine photo

Ren petting on of the cats. (My favorite actually, isn't he a beauty!)

My Neighborhood Cat Shrine photo


What makes this even cuter is that everyone on the block feeds them. At first I noticed two high school girls feeding that cats everyday on their way home from school. Then I noticed another man; when he rings his bike bells, the cats come running. Slowly, one by one, I have noticed more and more people that feeds the cats.

Being a cat lover myself, this makes me so happy. It makes my neighbors feel warmer. I feed the cats as well. I am friends with one of the elderly women on my block that also feeds cats, and has one of her own. One community, all working for one goal, no matter how small makes the world brighter, and my heart happy. 

Even though I am moving soon, I am happy that I don't have to worry about the cats. I know they will get plenty of food and pets from my neighbors!

Do you have anything special like this in you neighborhood? If so, what is it? I am curious to know! 

Bye bye to my favorite cat shrine...



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