Mar 21, 2019

The Flip Side of Omiyage

Sometimes the culture of omiyage sucks! Needing to remember to buy presents for all your coworkers every time you go on a trip is a real pain on the wallet.

However, there is a flip side. When ever I receive omiyage, I get so excited. It is basically guaranteed to taste good! I mean, who doesn't like snacks. I received some omiyage yesterday which made me think of it. I know omiyage receives a bad rep, but sometimes its nice to get random snacks! 

The Flip Side of Omiyage photo

Onsen manjuu are the best!! 

To be fair, the omiyage in the picture were from my boyfriend, so I would have gotten the privilege of eating them even without the omiyage culture.

What is your favorite omiyage you have received?



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