Jul 12, 2018

Moving Out

I am moving out of my first apartment soon. Unlike many people, I got my apartment on my own, rather than through my work. This means I get to deal with all of the contract fees, which I already discussed in this post. Aside from  that, there are many things that I have to do before I before I moved out. I wanted to write about them to help anyone that is about to move!

Moving Out photo

First, you have to call you apartment company to tell them you want to cancel. Try to do it as soon as you can, especially if you are ending the contract early, that way you can minimize your fees. It has to be you on the phone, but if you are not fluent at Japanese, I recommend having a Japanese friend with you and putting the phone on speaker. They company with spew off various things and you want to make sure you can understand them all. For me, I had to tell them the day and time I plan on moving because they will come check the apartment. 

Second, about a month before you move, make sure to call to cancel your internet and/or cable. If you are moving mid-contract, sometimes the companies will work with you. Some companies allow you to continue your contract in a new apartment so you don't have to pay start-up or cancelation fees. These company salesmen talk especially fast, so it is good to have a Japanese friend with you in this case as well.

Third, about a week before you move you have to call to cancel all of your utilities. Don't forget!!

Fourth, make sure to go the post office to give them your new address to forward your mail.

Fifth, submit a moving notification to your local city hall if you are staying in Japan. If you are moving to different country make sure to cancel the national pension and health insurance as well. 

Side tip: try throwing out the things you don't need a little each week with your normal trash so you don't have to pay to throw out a big heap of trash at once. You can avoid trash fees by selling or donating old appliances, etc., at recycle shops, or by giving them to other foreigners on the Facebook groups!

Many things about moving in Japan are the same as your home country, but it tends to be more stressful because of the language barrier so good luck!!



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