Sep 28, 2016

Where to Find San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen in Japan?

Living in Japan for half a year, I miss a lot of things in Philippines. Not top of my list, but beer is one of it. Of course, there are ample options of beer in Japan such as Asahi, Yebisu and Kerin. But then, I'm still longing to drink San Miguel beer.

If you have been in Philippines , probably you have heard about San Miguel beer pale pilsen. It is one of famous alcohol that Filipinos usually drink on weekend or even one of lazy day on weekdays. It's not so bitter, and just 5% alcohol by volume.

And if you are interested about SMB, you might want to visit Ajiambisutorodai (アジアンビストロDai 駒沢店). It's located in Komazawa, Setagaya. Actually, It's a bistro restaurant, but also serves Asian cuisines. In here, I found SMB on their menu.At long last, I was able to drink SMB. It cost around 600 yen for a bottle with a mark, Imported.No wonder why it is more expensive compare to the price in Philippines. Aside from Philippine beer, you can also enjoy foods and drinks from other Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and so on. It's recommendable not only because of food and drink but also the stylish ambiance.     

Life isn't all about beer, means working abroad is not pleasurable all the time. So, having a cold bottle of SMB somehow eases things that I miss back in my home country.






I'm Janice , but call me Nice for short. My country, Philippines, is my first love. I'm fond of traveling so much. It means to me, falling in love with people, food, language and culture. I'm currently living in Tokyo, and working as an English teacher. Japan is actually my first country to travel.


  • Tomuu

    on Sep 29

    Love this! I was on the hunt for Bintang beers from Indonesia for a while (finally found them in a Kaldi store somewhere) so could have done with a post like this!

  • Yuju

    on Sep 29

    Walking by 10 min from my house! But I haven't go there yet.