Apr 28, 2016

Where are motorbike parking lots?!

Motorbike used to be the easiest and fastest way to get around or go shopping in Tokyo. After parking on sidewalks was made illegal, sidewalks did clean up but very few legal lots were introduced to replace them. I'm collecting 9,000 yen tickets regularly and try to avoid using bike if not sure of parking lot at the destination. Resulting in excessive car use as car parks are plenty. Many of them just don't accept "dangerous " bikes... Anyone else suffering from this issue? A biker for four decades


A Finn 18 years in Japan. Two kids born in Tokyo. No evacuation plans...:-)


  • KevinC

    on Apr 28

    Searching bike parking is difficult in Tokyo and each parking lot have a different set of rules regarding the type of vehicle that can use it. Instead of searching for private parking, your best bet is to use the public parking that is near the highway exit. You can search for public motorcycle parking at the below link. http://www.tmpc.or.jp/04_parking/parking-search.html

  • Mika

    on Apr 28

    Thanks to KevinC! The link should prove useful...:-)


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