Jun 22, 2016

Texting Japanese, I Think I'm Texting Japanese...

When you’ve been in Japan long enough, I would wager even if you’re not actively trying to learn the language, you pick up a few phrases here and there. “Arigatou.” “Sumimasen.” “Daijoubu!”

(that’s “Thanks.” "Excuse me." and “Ok." respectively, for my peeps back stateside)

And you probably use those words, on a not-entirely-conscious level with your friends and acquaintances. I know we (meaning The Mister and I) definitely use a few Japanese words commonly when we’re chatting with any of The Australians™ and they do the same back with us. It’s sort of a fun way to have a “secret code” that is not secret to anyone.

The fun part comes when you begin to use those phrases in text messages. Why? Because we are too lazy to switch our texting keyboards over to the Japanese character keyboard for just one word, so we’ll spell ‘em out phonetically in roman alphabet characters. Which means the best thing happens:


That above sentence is so laced with sarcasm it’s an entire doily collection. Auto correct is not the best. I hate auto-correct so, so much. But when it’s Japanese words, the auto corrects can be amazing. And so here are my top five favorite things which Auto Correct has sent to my friends in replace of words that are even slightly sensical.*

5. Daijoubu

what it means: 大丈夫 Okay/ Alright

what auto correct thinks it means: Sais Honey

Bonus - when you can make fun of yourselves for how you said daijoubu before you learned how to properly pronounce Japanese words and find yourself telling each other “Die-joe-bers”

4. Kanpai

what it means: 乾杯 Cheers!

what auto correct thinks it means: Limp pie

3. Sumimasen

what it means: すみません Excuse me

what auto correct thinks it means: Sumo Mash

2. Doko desu ka?

what it means: Where are you?

what auto correct thinks it means: Dodo deus k’s?

1. Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu

what it means: どもありがとございます Thank you very much

what auto correct thinks it means: Dino Rigatoni Go Carts

What’s your best Auto Correct?  
 Tell me in the comments!

*Sadly, I “added words” to my phone's “dictionary" as I’ve been here, and now the only one that still works is Dino Rigatoni Go Carts, because I’d finally figured out that these Auto Corrects were too great to demolish. 

today’s little language lesson


Watashiwa, jidou hosei no ga daikiraidesu.

I hate auto correct.



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