Sep 15, 2016

What'cha doin' this weekend?

EDIT: I'm gonna let my original words stand, but this event has been postponed to rain... to a date that I cannot participate. The only one who's okay with this is Mac. Because he gets all the dog biscuits

What'cha doin' this weekend? photo

Remember in my last post when I mentioned some upcoming craft fairs? The first one is this weekend. If you’re in Nagoya, I’d be pleased as punch to see you out at Tsurumai Park on Sunday afternoon for the Aichi Vision event. There will be live music and family-friendly activities, but most importantly, there will be ME and KP2 selling all sorts of fun things including (but not limited to):

What'cha doin' this weekend? photo

-screen printed tea towels and canvas bags

-dog and cat toys.

-hand-knitted scarves

-carrot cupcakes

-*for the first time at an event here* old fashioned chocolate chip cookies.

(there was a small test batch of cookies. I was supposed to take pictures to post here. you may notice they did not survive long enough for a picture to exist. that’s how good those cookies are.)

What'cha doin' this weekend? photoWhat'cha doin' this weekend? photo 

Since I’ve been hunkered down at the apartment prepping for all that, I haven’t been out and about much for too much in the way of blog-worthy adventures.  

So come on out - be a part of the adventure 
I’ll blog about next week!

today’s little language lesson


watashi wa subete no kukki o tabemasen

I will not eat all the cookies



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