Jun 29, 2016

Things you should know, when your family send you a care package.

Japan is great! You can get anythings you need from a department store, sometimes even in the convenience store nearby your home. When you need something from you home country, it maybe a little bit difficult.

The best way to get those things is to ask your family for help because it is easy and cheap, here is the list of things what you should tell your family when they send you a care package:

  1. Do not write anythings about leather in customs declare form.
  2. Declared it as a gift.
  3. Declare every item in the package and detail information. For example, a pair of shoe should be declared as a pair of plastic shoe.
  4. Only send meat product that is pre-sealed and pre-approved by the Japanese Customs.
  5. Never send any seeds! nuts or beans! It is illegal. 
  6. Use your national post services, because it is cheaper and faster. Actually, it may be slower but you should support your country right ;)

If you have any tips, leave in the comment section below.



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